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Polo T-Shirts

Polo / Collar T-Shirts are ideal for Corporate Wear. Your Logo can be printed / embroidered on Chest / Sleeves / Back of T-Shirts depending on your needs. T-Shirts are made of Combed Cotton, Soft-Flow Dyed and Shrinkage - controlled fabric for Soft & rich feel and extra life. Choose GSM according to your preference and budget.

  • 225 GSM Range
    The 225 GSM Range is made of Pique Fabrics, with GSM varying between 220 (for pure white pique fabric) to 240 (for dark color pique fabrics).
  • 250 GSM Range
    The 250 GSM Range is made of Pique Fabrics, with GSM varying between 240 (for pure white pique fabric) to 270 (for dark color pique fabrics).
  • Mercerized T-Shirts
    A Premium Range of T-Shirts, made of 225 (for pure white) to 250 (for dark color) GSM, combed & mercerized cotton.

    We also manufacture Double Mercerized T-Shirts, our Super-Premium Range, only against order, subject to minimum quantity restrictions.

To give that unique look and identity to your brand, we offer stylized T-Shirts. You can choose from different designs available with us, or give a design of your own.

T-Shirt Colors:
To meet time deadlines, so essential for your business, we stock plain solid color T-Shirts in as many as 20 Shades in each Range. Please contact us to look at our shade card and check availability of shades, as they may vary from time to time.

Printing / Embroidery:
T-Shirts can be printed / embroidered for branding, depending upon various factors, such as Artwork, Type of T-Shirt, Budget etc. Contact us to suggest you the best option as per your requirement.

Learn About What you Order:
Fabrics are made essentially in two ways: Weaving & Knitting. All textiles are woven, and the resulting fabric is largely non-stretchable (Example – Shirt Fabric). Knit Fabrics, on the other hand, are stretchable and thus comfortable, and that’s why used in casual wear.

A type of Knitting. Commonly used in Collar T-Shirts.

Single-Jersey (S/J):
A type of Knitting. Commonly found in Round Neck T-Shirts.

Grams per Square Meter. Knit fabrics are measured in terms of their weight, unlike Textile Fabrics, which are measured in terms of their length (Meters).

Soft-Flow Dyeing:
Fabric Dyeing in Advance Soft-Flow Machines. Fabrics are softer and color is fast.

Pure cotton Fabrics / Yarn treated with Alkali chemicals. Adds luster to Fabrics and improves water absorbency. Gives a rich feel to fabrics.

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