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Under our reCorp business vertical, we provide a physical retail store within the campus of our Client Company and stock various attractive merchandize, which can be bought by any employee / associate of the Client Company across the counter.

If your company has a minimum of 2000 employees located in a single campus, a retail solution is ideal for you, as it offers several benefits, given below:

Key Features

  • One-stop-shop solution for all merchandizing needs
  • Ready stock of all merchandize
  • Anytime and ad-hoc Employee and Corporate purchases
  • No “Minimum Order Quantity” requirements, even a single item can be purchased across the counter
  • Purchaser gets the look and feel of the merchandize across the counter
  • A single point contact is always available for other bulk merchandize requirements
  • Exhaustive range of products limited only by your choice
  • Payment over the counter and Debit / Credit Cards (optional)
  • Attractive deals on merchandize through in-store promotions
  • Various schemes to keep excitement around the store alive, and employee morale and loyalty to the Client company high

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