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If you have several offices across the country, or even across the globe, but want to centrally manage Merchandizing across your organization to maintain consistency, this technology enabled solution is ideal for you.

Online Corporate Brand Store provides access of the Client Company’s merchandize to the employees, clients, sales reps, remote offices, business associates, overseas offices, other stakeholders of choice, and if it is so desired, then even the general public. This opens up unlimited opportunity of Brand promotion for the client company, internally as well as externally.

Key Features

  • One-stop-shop solution for all merchandizing needs
  • Anytime anywhere purchase possible
  • Access control to the store is possible to the chosen audience
  • Convenient and user-friendly online interface
  • Deliveries across the country and globe
  • Secure shopping
  • Payments accepted through Internet Banking, Credit / Debit Cards etc.
  • Company as well as general merchandize of choice can be hosted
  • Minimal cost of stocking general merchandize and cost is shared between multiple clients of Corp One
  • Exhaustive range of products limited only by your choice
  • No “Minimum Order Quantity” requirements, even a single item can be purchased
  • Online shipment tracking and query resolution
  • Online promotion of merchandize through exciting schemes and offers

Rewards & Recognition

The online store can be integrated with Rewards and Recognition process of the Client Company through which company merchandize can be used to reward the employees / associates of the company during various occasions / events. The employee / associate can get the merchandize of their choice through the online store.


The online store can also be integrated and used to implement a Loyalty management scheme by our Client Company, internally as well as externally.

Contact Us to leverage the power of technology for your Brand Merchandizing requirements like never before.

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